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About me

My name is Martín Fernando Ortiz. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I work in the field of geocomputation and data analytics. I studied Geography in Buenos Aires University and I’m taking a master degree in Statistics.  I’ve been working in geospatial industry for more than 9 years.  Also, I’m an activist of Free Open Source Software (FOSS). I believe that FOSS is an important tool  to democratize IT and develop science given that every person can access them. 

My main research is about cultural consumption, accessibility in urban environments, mobility and transport.

Besides that geo geek side, I’m an amateur musician. I have been playing trombone, guitar and bass guitar for more than 20 years.  I crossed the Andes ridding my bike, and I love pinhole photography.

  • Date of birth
    28 january 1985
  • Nationality
    Argentinian / Italian
  • Languages
    Spanish, English, German
  • Hobbies
    Music, Football, Photography, Bikes


GIS tools
R for Data Analytics
GNU Linux
Front-End Development (HTML5, JS, CSS3)

¿Where do I come from?

In 2003, I finished secondary school in 2003 as Electronic Technic. After that period, I was not sure about which career I should choose. I miss started Political Science, Electronics Arts, Trombone, Jewelry, etc. I traveled for 2 years in Europe and that was the key to discover the career that I love: Geography.

¿What am I doing?

Currently, I’m working in Data Cultura (the statistics area from Culture Ministry of Buenos Aires City). We produce statistics information, cartography, dashboards and differents types of visualizations.

¿Where am I going?

I’m taking some courses about Machine Learning and Front-end development. I want to merge all my GIS and Data Analytics knowledge with the field of ML and Internet of things. On the other hand, I’m working in two projects: geohack and

Geohack is a place to share educational contents about the geospatial industry. In geohack you will find videos, courses and tutorials about cartographic design, spatial process, programming code and scripts and all kinds of things relate to maps. It’s under construction but I will be done as soon as possible.

The project atlas de los estadios or football world atlas is an exciting project that mix two passions: football and geography. In this project, I’m building the biggest database of football stadiums in the world. I have relieved more than 8000 of stadiums around the world. It doesn’t matter how small or famous the stadium of your club is. We want to have it and share it with the world. This project has 3 components: the geographical, the historical and the technological. We just don’t want to have the location of the stadium, we are researching histories about these places and we want to share it in an innovative platform.



    MSc Statistics -  Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero


    PgDip Big Data and Spatial Intelligence - Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales


    B.A Geography - Universidad de Buenos Aires


    High School Diplom Electronic Technician- Colegio Pio IX




    External Consultant - Facultad de Filosofía y letras

    2019 - currently

    The objective of this consulting work is to build an instrument to monitor social behaviours around solid waste stations. My main responsibilities in this work are related with the production of quantitative information (indicators, statistics analysis, surveys design, spatial analysis)

    Data Scientist - Data Cultura

    2019 - currently

    Data Cultura is the statistics area of Culture Ministry of Buenos Aires City. I manage and make statistics production about the culture information of the City of Buenos Aires.
    My main responsibilities:
    ◦ ETL Data Base,
    ◦ Statistic Analysis
    ◦ Design Cultural Indicators
    ◦ Design and development Interactive Visualizations (charts, maps, dashboards, etc).

    The main tools that I use are: QGIS, Carto and R for Data analytics and PowerBI and shiny for Dashboards

    [dvresume title="Partner/ R+D Coordinator - Cooperativa Cambalache" subtitle="2017-2019"]
    External Consultant CEDESU


    In this consultancy we made a movility analysis of Buenos Aires City. For more information.

    My main resposabilities:

    • Design and Management of spatial data bases
    • Spatial Analysis
    • Cartographic Design
    Geodatos  - Impronta IT


    At Impronta IT I participated in differents geospatial projects for various companies (CH2MHill, TGS, ARSAT, Buenos Aires City Government).  The nature of this different workenvironments gave me a rich experience in GIS from the design of spatial databases, to geometry edition, process automatization, etc.

    • Sidewalk managment system  for Buenos Aires City Government

     This project had the main objective to developt a sidewalk system to managment the state of  sidewalks in the city (arrangments, claims, breakups). My main responsabilities were: developt an algorithm to make a sidewalk cadastre, ETL of spatial data bases, spatial analysis.

    • GIS Specialist for TGS

    The main responsabilities were: managment information technology and GPS field survey, maintenance and control of GIS databases, ETL, make automatization process with model builder.

    • GIS for managment Red Federal de Fibra Óptica (ARSAT)

    The main objective of this project was to implement a system to monitor the state of the federal network of optic fiber (REFEFO). The Refefo is one of the biggest projects Argentina telecommunications. It brings internet conections to the hold country from La Quiaca in northern Argentina to Usuahia in the Patagonia. My responsabilities were plans digitalization, import CAD files to GIS, make geospatial databases loading technical information of the network with the Software OSP Insight

    •  Soil characterization project for CH2M – Peruvian Amazon

    My main responsabilities were: supervision and coordination of GIS team, management information technology and GPS field survey, maintenance and control of GIS Databases, upgrade th internal manuals, training materials and systems documentations, developt digital elevation models

    GIS Analyst - Buenos Aires City Goverment


    Main responsabilities: edition of geospatial data, CAD sketch of transit signals, cartography, etc. 


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